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All the text files in this directory originate from the Eris Project in Virgina Tech, which shut down in 1998, and its gopher server, once accessible at gopher://, does not exist any more.

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[TXT]a_story.txt1997-01-17 10:29 9.6KA Story
[TXT]almshous.txt1997-01-17 10:30 3.9KBy the Almshouse Window
[TXT]angel.txt1997-01-17 10:35 5.4KThe Angel
[TXT]anne_lis.txt1997-01-17 10:36 23KAnne Lisbeth
[TXT]apple_br.txt1997-01-17 10:39 7.8KThe Conceited Apple-Branch
[TXT]beauty.txt1997-01-17 10:40 15KBeauty of Form and Beauty of Mind
[TXT]beetle.txt1997-01-17 10:44 16KThe Beetle Who Went on His Travels
[TXT]bell.txt1997-01-17 11:53 11KThe Bell
[TXT]belldeep.txt1997-01-17 11:55 7.2KThe Bell-Deep
[TXT]bishop_b.txt1997-01-17 11:56 14KThe Bishop of Borglum and His Warriors
[TXT]bottle_n.txt1997-01-17 10:53 23KThe Bottle Neck
[TXT]buckwhet.txt1997-01-17 10:54 3.7KThe Buckwheat
[TXT]butterfl.txt1997-01-17 10:54 5.4KThe Butterfly
[TXT]cheerful.txt1997-01-17 10:55 8.7KA Cheerful Temper
[TXT]child_in.txt1997-01-17 11:04 9.7KThe Child in the Grave
[TXT]cock.txt1997-01-17 11:04 4.8KThe Farm-Yard Cock and the Weather-Cock
[TXT]daisy.txt1997-01-17 11:05 7.8KThe Daisy
[TXT]darning.txt1997-01-17 11:06 6.6KThe Darning-Needle
[TXT]delaying.txt1997-01-17 11:12 5.8K“Delaying Is Not Forgetting”
[TXT]drop_wat.txt1997-01-17 11:12 3.4KThe Drop of Water
[TXT]dryad.txt1997-01-17 11:15 44KThe Dryad
[TXT]dullard.txt1997-01-17 11:16 9.1KJack the Dullard
[TXT]dumbbook.txt1997-01-17 11:16 3.9KThe Dumb Book
[TXT]elf_rose.txt1997-01-17 11:16 11KThe Elf of the Rose
[TXT]elfin_hi.txt1997-01-17 11:16 14KThe Elfin Hill
[TXT]emperor.txt1997-01-17 11:17 8.9KThe Emperor’s New Suit
[TXT]fir_tree.txt1997-01-17 11:17 18KThe Fir Tree
[TXT]flax.txt1997-01-17 11:18 9.5KThe Flax
[TXT]flying_t.txt1997-01-17 11:20 12KThe Flying Trunk
[TXT]friendsh.txt1997-01-17 11:22 17KThe Shepherd’s Story of the Bond of Friendship
[TXT]girl_who.txt1997-01-17 11:24 13KThe Girl Who Trod on the Loaf
[TXT]goblin.txt1997-01-17 11:27 8.3KThe Goblin and the Huckster
[TXT]golden.txt1997-01-17 11:28 17KThe Golden Treasure
[TXT]goloshes.txt1997-01-17 12:20 57KThe Goloshes of Fortune
[TXT]good_for.txt1997-01-17 12:21 16KShe Was Good for Nothing
[TXT]grandmot.txt1997-01-17 12:22 4.2KGrandmother
[TXT]great_gr.txt1997-01-17 12:22 4.2KA Great Grief
[TXT]happy_fa.txt1997-01-17 12:23 7.2KThe Happy Family
[TXT]heaven.txt1997-01-17 12:24 5.9KA Leaf from Heaven
[TXT]holger_d.txt1997-01-17 12:27 9.5KHolger Danske
[TXT]ib_and_l.txt1997-01-17 12:33 26KIb and Little Christina
[TXT]ice_maid.txt1997-01-17 12:36 107KThe Ice Maiden
[TXT]jewish_m.txt1997-01-17 12:36 10KThe Jewish Maiden
[TXT]jumper.txt1997-01-17 12:36 3.8KThe Jumper
[TXT]last_dre.txt1997-01-17 12:37 12KThe Last Dream of the Old Oak
[TXT]last_pea.txt1997-01-17 12:37 5.4KThe Last Pearl
[TXT]li_claus.txt1997-01-17 12:37 23KLittle Claus and Big Claus
[TXT]li_elder.txt1997-01-17 12:37 16KThe Little Elder-Tree Mother
[TXT]li_ida_f.txt1997-01-17 12:37 16KLittle Ida’s Flowers
[TXT]li_match.txt1997-01-17 12:37 5.5KThe Little Match-Seller
[TXT]li_merma.txt1997-01-17 12:38 49KThe Little Mermaid
[TXT]li_tiny.txt1997-01-17 12:39 23KLittle Tiny or Thumbelina
[TXT]li_tuk.txt1997-01-17 12:40 8.5KLittle Tuk
[TXT]lovelies.txt1997-01-17 12:40 4.6KThe Loveliest Rose in the World
[TXT]mailcoac.txt1997-01-17 12:41 9.1KThe Mail-Coach Passengers
[TXT]marsh_ki.txt1997-01-17 12:50 83KThe Marsh King’s Daughter
[TXT]metal_pi.txt1997-01-17 12:52 23KThe Metal Pig
[TXT]moneybox.txt1997-01-17 12:52 5.3KThe Money-Box
[TXT]moon_saw.txt1997-01-17 13:00 72KWhat the Moon Saw
[TXT]neighbor.txt1997-01-17 13:03 20KThe Neighbouring Families
[TXT]nighting.txt1997-01-17 13:04 20KThe Nightingale
[TXT]no_doubt.txt1997-01-17 13:04 4.6K“There Is No Doubt About It.”
[TXT]nursery.txt1997-01-17 13:04 7.3KIn the Nursery
[TXT]old_bach.txt1997-01-17 13:05 27KThe Old Bachelor’s Nightcap
[TXT]old_chur.txt1997-01-17 13:06 11KThe Old Church Bell
[TXT]old_grav.txt1997-01-17 13:06 7.0KThe Old Grave-Stone
[TXT]old_hous.txt1997-01-17 13:06 17KThe Old House
[TXT]old_man.txt1997-01-17 13:07 11KWhat the Old Man Does Is Always Right
[TXT]old_stre.txt1997-01-17 13:07 15KThe Old Street Lamp
[TXT]ole_luk.txt1997-01-17 13:07 22KOle-Luk-Oie, the Dream-God
[TXT]our_aunt.txt1997-01-17 13:07 13KOur Aunt
[TXT]p_stone.txt1997-01-17 13:08 31KThe Philosopher’s Stone
[TXT]paradise.txt1997-01-17 13:10 30KThe Garden of Paradise
[TXT]pea_blos.txt1997-01-17 13:11 7.1KThe Pea Blossom
[TXT]pen_ink.txt1997-01-17 13:11 4.9KThe Pen and the Inkstand
[TXT]phoenix.txt1997-01-17 13:13 3.0KThe Phoenix Bird
[TXT]popular.txt1997-01-17 13:17 6.7KThe Bird Of Popular Song
[TXT]por_duck.txt1997-01-17 13:22 12KThe Portuguese Duck
[TXT]porters.txt1997-01-17 13:26 39KThe Porter’s Son
[TXT]poultry.txt1997-01-17 13:27 28KPoultry Meg’s Family
[TXT]prattle.txt1997-01-17 13:28 4.7KChildren’s Prattle
[TXT]princess.txt1997-01-17 13:29 2.2KThe Princess and the Pea
[TXT]psyche.txt1997-01-17 13:32 26KThe Psyche
[TXT]puppet_s.txt1997-01-17 13:32 8.9KThe Puppet-Show Man
[TXT]races.txt1997-01-17 13:32 6.6KThe Races
[TXT]red_shoe.txt1997-01-17 13:33 12KThe Red Shoes
[TXT]right_pl.txt1997-01-17 13:34 17KEverything in the Right Place
[TXT]rose_frm.txt1997-01-17 13:34 2.8KA Rose from Homer’s Grave
[TXT]rosetree.txt1997-01-17 13:34 4.8KThe Snail and the Rose-Tree
[TXT]sandhill.txt1997-01-17 13:35 11KThe Story of a Mother
[TXT]saucy_bo.txt1997-01-17 13:36 4.2KThe Saucy Boy
[TXT]shadow.txt1997-01-17 13:36 26KThe Shadow
[TXT]shepherd.txt1997-01-17 13:36 9.9KThe Shepherdess and the Sheep
[TXT]shilling.txt1997-01-17 13:36 10KThe Silver Shilling
[TXT]shirtcol.txt1997-01-17 13:36 5.3KThe Shirt-Collar
[TXT]snow_man.txt1997-01-17 13:37 11KThe Snow Man
[TXT]snow_que.txt1997-01-17 13:38 67KThe Snow Queen
[TXT]snowdrop.txt1997-01-17 13:38 8.2KThe Snowdrop
[TXT]somethin.txt1997-01-17 13:38 15KSomething
[TXT]soup_fro.txt1997-01-17 13:38 31KSoup from a Sausage Skewer
[TXT]storks.txt1997-01-17 13:39 10KThe Storks
[TXT]storm_sh.txt1997-01-17 13:39 9.2KThe Storm Shakes the Shield
[TXT]story_fr.txt1997-01-17 13:39 73KA Story from the Sand-hills
[TXT]sunbeam.txt1997-01-17 13:39 2.2KThe Sunbeam and the Captive
[TXT]swans_ne.txt1997-01-17 13:40 3.1KThe Swan’s Nest
[TXT]swineher.txt1997-01-17 13:40 8.6KThe Swineherd
[TXT]the_toad.txt1997-01-17 13:40 15KThe Toad
[TXT]the_wind.txt1997-01-17 13:40 23KThe Story of the Wind
[TXT]the_year.txt1997-01-17 13:41 18KThe Story of the Year
[TXT]thistles.txt1997-01-17 13:41 8.2KThe Thistle’s Experiences
[TXT]thorny_r.txt1997-01-17 13:41 9.2KThe Thorny Road Of Honor
[TXT]thousand.txt1997-01-17 13:42 4.3KIn a Thousand Years
[TXT]tin_sold.txt1997-01-17 13:42 9.3KThe Brave Tin Soldier
[TXT]tinderbx.txt1997-01-17 13:42 15KThe Tinder-Box
[TXT]top_ball.txt1997-01-17 13:42 4.8KThe Top and Ball
[TXT]towerkee.txt1997-01-17 13:42 22KOle the Tower-Keeper
[TXT]travelng.txt1997-01-17 13:43 40KThe Travelling Companion
[TXT]two_bro.txt1997-01-17 13:40 4.2KTwo Brothers
[TXT]two_maid.txt1997-01-17 13:43 4.0KTwo Maidens
[TXT]ugly_duc.txt1997-01-17 13:43 20KThe Ugly Duckling
[TXT]under_wi.txt1997-01-17 13:44 34KUnder the Willow-tree
[TXT]uttermst.txt1997-01-17 13:44 5.0K“In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea”
[TXT]what_one.txt1997-01-17 13:44 7.0KWhat One Can Invent
[TXT]wicked_p.txt1997-01-17 13:44 5.7KThe Wicked Prince
[TXT]wild_swa.txt1997-01-17 13:44 34KThe Wild Swans
[TXT]will_o_t.txt1997-01-17 13:45 25K“The Will-o-the Wisp Is in the Town”, Says the Moor-Woman
[TXT]windmill.txt1997-01-17 13:45 5.0KThe Windmill

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